We work with experienced translators who are qualified lawyers or specialised legal translators. Translations into and from, proofreading and editing of: Swedish, Polish, Russian, Serbian and other Slavic and Scandinavian languages.

Areas of expertise include:


  • Contracts
  • Corporate charters and statutes
  • Annual reports
  • Correspondence

Litigation and arbitration

  • Court documents
  • Judgements
  • Arbitration awards

Government regulation

All types of legislation, including EU texts.

Pro bono

Please contact us for information


Our translations are always proofread. On request, we can create client- or project-specific glossaries or terminology databases and style-guides.


We always meet deadlines and complete projects within the agreed scope and budget.

Once we receive a request for a quote, we evaluate the project in terms of timetable, resources and budget. When the client accepts our quote, we prepare communication and quality plans for the translation team, and groundwork such as glossaries and preparation of texts. On completion, we review the project and request client feedback.


Sworn Translations, Certifications Etc.

We work with a network of trusted freelancers in several countries, and can usually arrange certifications or other specific requirements.


We can provide summaries of written documents. Source language documents often contain errors or ambiguities, and we can, optionally, identify ambiguities or errors in the source.